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Welcome to Norje Havskrog.

• To get to the restaurant, click on the tab on the left "The restaurant" Tel 0456-31646

• To book accommodation for Sweden Rock 2023, scroll further down.

Norje Havskrog operates temporary camping on leased land under Sweden Rock, in 3 different areas.

• Havsbadscampingen. (Havsbadet 1041)

• Olas Minicamp 1. (Norjevägen 84)

• Olas Minicamp 2. (Opposite Norjevägen 78)

• We rent out 4-bed cabins, lined up caravans, caravan/car pitches, tent pitches and parking lots.

• There are electrical outlets for all seats.

• See tabs on the left "info havsbadscampingen, Olas Minicamp 1 and 2" for detailed information. NOTE important reading.

Prices for the various options can be found on the tab on the left "Price list SRF 2023". The price is a unit price and applies to the entire period Tuesday-Sunday week 23, i.e. the same price regardless of which day you arrive.

• Bookings for SRF 2023 are open.

• If you want to be sure of getting a place, you should book soon. See booking details.


Welcome to book by emailing the answers to the questions below to

Booking Details, Enter the following:

1. Which campsite do you want to stay at?

(Havsbadscampingen, Olas Minicamp 1, Olas Minicamp 2)

2. Name and address?

3. What do you want to book? (Cottage / lined up caravan / Caravan-Motorhome pitch / Tent / Extra parking space)

4. Size of the object? length x width. Also tents. Does not apply to cottages or our lined up caravans.

5. Electricity place? (NOTE optional only for tents. All other options include electrical outlet)

6. Reg number on car, caravan/mobile home?

7. How many people will be camping?

8. Arrival day? (Tues at 10:00 at the earliest)

9. Mobile number for contact?

When you have specified the above, we will get back to you if we can fulfill your wish, then we will send an invoice for your booking. You normally have 30 days to pay. (from March 15 days, from April 10 days, from May 5 days)

If the invoice is not paid within the stipulated time, you will be cancelled.


Cancellation can be made up to and including 31 Dec 2022, then you will get your money back in addition to a 10% administration fee.

If you want to cancel after the above date, it is fine to sell your place to another guest. As time permits, we can provide contacts. The deal is settled between buyer and seller without our involvement and responsibility. However, we want full information about the buyer, name, address, size of the object, i.e. length x width, rain number, number of residents, day of arrival, mobile number and invoice number to be able to identify the location. (keep in mind that a larger object and number of residents can affect the price) It is the seller's responsibility that this information is emailed to us.

Should you become ill and cannot come, you will receive the full amount back on presentation of a medical certificate. (-10% in admin fee)

It is first come, first served.

Welcome to book



Ola Lovängen

Senaste kommentarer

06.11 | 18:18

Havsbadscampingen är fullbokad
MEN Vi har elplatser kvar på olas minicamp nr2
Vill ni boka det svarar ni på frågorna som vi ställer på 1:a sidan

06.11 | 18:16

Havsbadscampingen är fullbokad
MEN Vi har elplatser kvar på olas minicamp nr2
Vill ni boka det svarar ni på frågorna som vi ställer på 1:a sidan

02.11 | 17:13

Vill boka husbil, 3 personer, kommer på tisdaget.
Går det fixa

02.11 | 16:30

Finns det plats kvar för husvagn på havsbadscampingen, skulle gärna vilja boka plats där isåfall.