SRF 2018

Seafront camping at"Norje Havskrog" Sweden Rock Festival 2018

Check-in is open Tuesday 10: 00-22: 00 Wednesday-Thursday 08: 00-22: 00 Friday-Saturday 09: 00-21: 00. Sunday 08: 00-14: 00 only check-out. Upon arrival you ask for the "information sheet" here is everything you need to know during your stay.

Distance to the festival's northern entrance about 400 m.

A popular and tranquil camping that is well known for many festival visitors.

Facilities (see map)
• 3 ladies and 2 men's water toilets, 1 st urinoar, at least four bajamajor, plus a toilet lady / gentleman in connection with the restaurant.
• 2 hot water showers that can be used 24 hours a day.
• Great nice restaurant with full rights, breakfast, lunch and dinner at great prices.
• The pub is open from 08:00 to 02:00 throughout the festival week.
• In the area there are a number of cabins and caravans for rent.
• Well-stocked kiosk in connection with the restaurant

Prices: (applies to the whole festival) Earliest arrival date is Tuesday at 10 am. Last departure day is sunday at 3:00 pm week 23

Cottages: 3 st 4-bed cottages. Equipment: Fire extinguisher, refrigerator, coffee maker, micro, blankets and pillows. Price: 7900 kr. 1 larger cottage with 2 rooms with 2 beds in each other the same equipment. Price: 8400 kr. Shared toilet and shower on site. The cottages do not have kitchen utensils. Please bring your own bedding. (See photos on the cottages below)

Caravans for hire (these are located on the beach and close to facilities) equipped with fire extinguisher, fridge, electric heating and coffee maker. Municipal freshwater is collected by the tap on the bar in your own container. Keep in mind that the trolleys are not equipped with quilts, pillows, household utensils, or garden furniture. Toilet in the wagon can not be used, it is close to toilets and showers on the area. Bring with you: bedding, pillows, blankets, bedcloths, water container and garden furniture. Please note that stowed furniture is not allowed.

Cleaning deposit 500 SEK, for cabins and caravans will be paid in cash or with swisch directly upon arrival, which will be returned at check-out approved cleaning. Caravans / cabins have cleaning equipment, brush, buckle with cloth. Chemical disintegration products are not included.
• Caravan extra big, with beds for 4-5 people, price 8400 SEK.
• Caravan with beds for 5 people, price 8200 SEK
• Caravan with beds for 4 persons, price 7700 SEK.
• Older caravans with somewhat worse comfort but with the same function as above with beds for 2-3 people, price 5000 SEK.
• See photos below for example on caravans in the different categories. NOTE photos do not exactly match but are only intended for the guest to get a feel of what type of caravan it is the matter of.
• All our own trolleys are rebuilt so there is no gas or battery for the sake of fire risk. Possibly, rented wagons have batteries but not gas.


Caravan + car or caravan max length 7 m, price 2500 SEK. The maximum number of people living in the object is what the object is rated for.

Tents with max size 2.5 x 2.5 m (4 double standard) incl parking for one car 400 SEK plus 350 SEK per person.

Tents larger than 2.5 x 2.5 m 65 SEK / m2 (price: 4 x 3 m = 12 m2 x 65 kr = 780 SEK) including parking for one car plus 350 SEK per person.

Buses max length 7 m are classified as caravans see above. Longer than 7m request quotation. NOTE must be registered as a motorhome / bus.

All campsites can be offered with electricity. They must be booked and cost 900 SEK per item. (Does not apply to cabins, our own or hired carriages)

Please note that booking a place with electrical outlets needs to bring your own cable for outdoor use at least 10 m long, also applies to tents.

Electricity limit per object: 1000 kw or max temp on thermostat 18 degrees and only the lowest step on the electric heating or max 750 kw for a stand-alone heating element is allowed. Coffee / water boiler must not be used while the heat is running. All own private cables must be fully enclosed and rated for outdoor use. Joints must be enclosed in eg black plasticbag and inclosed so no water can enter. Cable wires must be unrolled in their entire length so that they do not form "power coil"

Max one car per tent / caravan is included in the price and refers to the parking lot, extra cars: 300 SEK per car.

Shower: price 30 SEK per 4 min. Poles are purchased by staff with yellow vest.


Unfortunately, we can not book a specific location, but you will be assigned a place after you arrive.

Total fire bans are in place due to fire risk. Own barbecue only allowed at designated location by the camping host. Own grill should have legs and must not be in contact with the ground.

Fuel-driven own power plant not allowed as well as own grilling in connection with its accommodation object not allowed due to fire risk. Cottage guests are alowed to grill at the designated place oapproved by yellow west, at their place of residence but with fire extinguishers next to the fire.

Every caravan, camper, bus and van must have an approved fire extinguisher.

Caravan tent / awning / party tent or similar in connection with caravan / camper / bus / van / car or similar is not allowed. Cottage guest may set up their own party tent but must not exceed 2x2 m and shall be indicated and approved by yellow vest and approved as appropriate. Cottage guest may park a vehicle per cabin indicated and approved by yellow west at the cottage.

Stopped furniture is not allowed due to fire risk.

Please be careful about cleanliness. We are currently camping on a public beach that we rent from the municipality during the SRF week. There are dustbins to put garbage an to fimp and enough toilets.

Upon check-in, you ask for a garbage bag which, after use, is placed in the designated container. Upon check-out, each guest is responsible for cleaning up his campsite and for disposal of rubbish to designated cointainer. Injury from liability can involve post-clearance invoicing and postage.

The location of the object must be indicated by the camping host. Parking of vehicles must be provided by the parking guard. In case of error marking, the car is moved at the owner's expense.

Any violation of the above rules is affected and may result in a invoice and / or exclusion.


Welcome to Havsbadscampingen





Camping map

Pictures of cottages and caravans

Pictures and information of our cottages and caravans that we rent out you can find on our Swedish page under the SRF 2018 tab

Good to know when staying at Norje Havskrogs "Havsbad Camping"

Good to know when staying at Norje Havskrogs "Havsbad Camping"
First let Ola & Ronni staff, welcome you here to our cozy, seaside camping and tavern. We hope you enjoy your stay when you are here. To facilitate your stay here as there are a few things that might be good to know.
Since 2016 the restaurant is run by our partner
"Levanten Restaurant & Bar"
Mobile Ronni 073-927 21 26.
The camping is conducted as usual by Norje Havskrog. Mobile Ola 070-377 89 82
Distance between vehicles must be 4 meters. (drawbar not counted) Roads between the caravans must not be blocked from the safety aspect. Be vigilant of your personal belongings as there may be thieves. Please pay with bankcards, withdraw cash inside the SRF's range for the day use. Be allways vigilant of burglary. Have as little cash as possible. Have your caravan looked all time. Throughout the SRF, there is a security force near as guard and police. If you experience anything where you need help, contact tavern or contact the warden Ola at tel 070-377 89 82. In a serious accident or fire, immediately call 112. Fire post and gathering like this map shows.

Please follow these safety rules:
• Barbecue is permitted only in designated areas. If you can’t find the barbecue area, please ask the staff.
• Tent or simular connected to a caravan or car is not allowed.
• Fire extinguisher must be present in each caravan, fuel-powered generator is not allowed, nor gas may be used.
• Sofas or other fire hazard
furniture etc., are not allowed due to fire danger.

Toilets and showers
There are 2 showers that you can use around the clock. You lock on the inside with a hash. Poles are sold by staff with the yellow west. Price 30 kr per polet for 4 min. (Cash or swish) Please bring your personal items, otherwise they will be cleaned by our staff. The showers are on the gable of the water-cooled toilets for both men and women in the green building in the north of the beach. In the south there are 4 st bajamajor, (2 at the beginning and 2 at the end of the parking lot) and there is a toilet at the hook. All toilets and showers are open 24 hours a day.
Please note the walkway to the festival is along the beach, see signs.


Open times at the restaurant. Possibly it´s open more than the following times
Tuesday: 11-01, SRF menu at. 11-22, BBQ menu kl.22-01
Wed-Sat: 08-02, Breakfast at. 8-11, SRF menu at. 11-22, BBQ menu kl.22-02
Sunday: 08-17, Breakfast at 8-11, SRF menu at. 11-17
From mini market / kiosk we sell basic goods, as well as candy, ice cream, tobacco, snuff, soda, coffee and alcohol.

Own food or own alcohol is not allowed in the dining area. Neither can you take alcohol from the serving area with you. We serve alcohol between 11-02
For everyone's sake, we want you to clean your rented area continuously, rubbish you put in the two red containers, fimps and snuff in signed buckets, and that it is quiet at the campsite between 03-07. Check-out of guests who rented caravans of Norje Havskrog must be made no later than 12 noon. Checks are made between 10-12, The latest check-out is at 14:00, control is done between 12-14, contact camping host Ola 070-377 89 82

For other guests: If we find that any guest has not cleaned their area, it may be invoiced afterwards.


See more information on our website Greetings Ola Lovängen Norje Havskrog

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