SRF 2016

Sweden Rock Festival 2016

Seaside campsite "Norje Havskrog" SRF 2016

Distance to the festival's northern entrance about 400 m.

A popular and calmer camping that is well known for many festival visitors.


5 pcs real flush toilets and 1 urinal, at least two portable loos, plus a toilet adjacent to the pub.

2 showers with good capacity of hot water.

Great friendly restaurant with full rights, breakfast, lunch and dinner at good prices.

The restaurant is open from 08: 00-02: 00 throughout the festival week.

In the area there are a number of cottages and caravans for hire.

There are 2 mannatält, sleeping mats and sovtäcken for sale in a limited number.

Well-stocked kiosk and mini market adjacent to the pub.

Prices: (valid throughout frestivalen) Earliest date of arrival is Tuesday at 10:00.

Cabins: 3 x 4-bed cabins. Equipment: Fire extinguisher, refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave, blankets and pillows. Price: 7900 SEK. 1 piece slightly larger cabin with two rooms with two beds each other the same equipment. Price: 8400 Kr. Please bring your own bedding.

Caravans for hire equipped with fire extinguishers, working fridge, electric heating coffee maker. Water collected at the tap at the pub in their own vessels. Keep in mind that the cars are not equipped with utensils, awnings and garden furniture. Toilet in the trailer may not be used, it is close to toilets and showers in the area. Please bring linens, pillows, blankets, kitchen utensils, water container and any custom garden furniture, NB upholstered furniture is not allowed.

Caravan with room for 5 people, price 8200 SEK

Caravan with room for 4 people, price 7700 SEK.

Older mobile homes with somewhat less comfort with the same function as above with room for 2-3 people, price SEK 5000


Caravan + car or camper maximum length of 7 m, price SEK 2500. Max persons as the object is classified for.

Tent with a maximum size of 2.5 x 2.5 m (4 manna standard) including parking for one car plus 400 SEK 350 per person.

Tents larger than 2.5 x 2.5 m 65 / m2 (Example price: 4 x 3 m = 12 m2 x 65 = SEK 780 SEK) including parking for one car, plus 350 per person.

Buses maximum length of 7 m classed as caravan see above. Longer than 7 m ask for quotation.

All campsites can be provided with electricity. They must be booked in advance and costs SEK 900 per item.

Maximum one car per tent / caravan included in the price and referred to the parking lot, extra cars: 300 per car.

Shower: price 20 per 5 minutes.


We're not reserve a specific location, but you will be assigned a place where after you arrive.

Total fire restrictions in the area because of the fire risk. Private barbecues only allowed in designated areas of the campsite host. Own grill must have legs and must not have contact with the ground.

Fuel Powered own generators are not allowed and a private grilling in connection with their housing items not allowed due to fire risk.

Each caravan and camper must have an approved fire extinguisher.

Awnings / awning / marquee or similar in connection with the caravan / camper / van / car or similar is not allowed.

Upholstered furniture is not allowed due to fire risk.

NOTE we are happy to accept payment by card.

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19.06 | 11:05

Tack för i år. Nöjda som vanligt med ett extra plus för att man kunde få Ägg o Bacon till frukost, ser fram mot nästa år!

12.06 | 15:34

Tack för ett bra sweden rock boende.
Vi hade super kul vid vår husvagns plats.
3:e året i rad, rekommenderas 👍👍👍
elplats och nära till festivalen.

12.06 | 10:12

Mycket nöjda med husvagn och service hos Ola, varit där 3 gånger och kommer igen.

16.05 | 12:00

Hej bekräftelse är skickad sedan några dagar tillbaka.
Vi ber om ursäkt för förseningen
Norje Havskrog

Du gillar den här sidan
Prova att göra en egen hemsida precis som jag.
Det är enkelt och du kan prova helt gratis.