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Welcome to Norje Havskrog

Norje Havskrog conducts temporary camping under Sweden Rock, summer cottage rentals, 4 bed cottages and a number of caravans of different sizes during other times.

See left tabs for further information about the campsite under Sweden Rock as well as the rental business at other times.

The bookings for SRF 2018 are already in full swing!


All places can be booked with electricity. If you want to be sure of a place, you should book soonest. See booking details.
Information about our seaside camping at the Sweden Rock Festival in Norje is under the left tab "SRF 2018"

 Message 2018-04-10

All options are now booked.


Message 2017-11-16
 All options are booked except tent sites. These can also be booked with power outlets.


If you want to book, you can do so by emailing us the information we ask for below.
Do you want to be on our list of remarks so indicate what you want to queue for? Cottage, caravan or caravan / caravan with or without electricity.


Ola Lovängen

Those who book with electrical outlets do not forget to bring your own electrical cable for outdoor use. About 10 m should be enough.

Welcome to book by

Enter the following:


1. Name and address


2. What do you want to book? (Cottage / Caravan / Caravan site / Tents)


3. Size of the item? Length x width (including tent)


4. Electricity?


5. How many people should camp?


6. Arrival day? (from tuesday 10 am)


7. Enter mobile phone number for contact.


To view prices and other details, see price list under the SRF 2018 tab

 When you write an book as above we will send an invoice on your reservation. You usually have 30 days to pay. (From March 15th, from April 10th, from May 5th)

If the invoice is not paid within the stipulated time, your booking will be canceled.

Should you become sick and unable to come, you will receive the full amount against the presentation of a medical certificate.

 It is the first in line that applies.

The pub in the area has generous opening hours during the Swedish Rock Week and has full rights.



Ola Lovängen





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27.11 | 18:10

Alla alternativ är bokade utom tältplatser. Dessa kan även bokas med eluttag.

Om ni vill boka så gör du det genom att gå in på vår hemsida och maila oss

27.11 | 17:41

Är alla platser för husvagn upptagna?

27.11 | 12:05

Hej bokar gör du genom att sända svaren på de frågor vi har på första Sudan och maila oss.

27.11 | 11:43

Hej jag vill boka tält en person med bil. Från ons 12 till söndag"6-9 jun"2018. Önskar betala via bankgiro, om det går Fredrik Josefsson Storgatan 55 51441 Limm

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